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    Quantum Real Estate Israel

    We are a boutique company in the field of real estate investments and entrepreneurship in Israel and abroad for our investing partners.

    Our company has proven experience in the world of business and investments and our goal is to make projects that are usually “under the radar” of the private sector accessible to the general public of investors in Israel.

    Our dedicated team, with extensive experience and knowledge in the financial markets, has an academic education for the best portfolio management licenses on behalf of the Securities Authority.

    Quantum Real Estate clients receive close and personal guidance from our best investment advisers in continuous cooperation with experienced and reliable partner investors abroad.

    Satisfied customers are other satisfied ambassadors to our company, Our goals and references are to increase the efficiency of investments and profits of each client.

    Our experts work day and night to identify good and profitable deals every day.

    Yaniv Ishmereni

    Co-founder and CEO

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    Daniel Arad

    Co-founder and CEO

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    Shlomo Tennenbaum

    Founder and Chief Analyst

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